Woman – An Inquisitive Soul

She has always been taught to accept, to smile, to be silent – not to ask anything. She never spoke her mind out because she is a “woman” after all! And here she rises beyond this patriarchal dictum. She lets her mind flow free. She pursues her passion, breaks the gender norms, and becomes a… Continue reading Woman – An Inquisitive Soul

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All about Fishing and fisher

Fishing is one of the best hobbies to have. Ask a person who fishes at least once a week and he or she will tell you that fishing is relaxing, rejuvenating and a cheerful experience. But being a fishing enthusiast is not a menial task. It needs learning of course. You will need to learn… Continue reading All about Fishing and fisher

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Client Engagement

Generally, a connected with client is one who effectively upholds an assistance or item. Client commitment is something beyond brand dedication where clients are just making selective buys; all things considered, connected with clients are supporting the organization by purchasing more items and administrations and advising others to do also. So, the way in to… Continue reading Client Engagement

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The village of My Dreams

5 major action points could be formulated and adopted to launch as well as accelerate the Cleanliness mission. These are  EMPHASIS ON PERSONAL HYGIENE AND CLEANLINESS AT HOME The drainage pipes, sewage tanks and terrace must be checked in uniform intervals so as to ascertain whether there is any possible leakage or breakage and should… Continue reading The village of My Dreams